A boys hostel to accommodate 100 boys and a separate girls hostel to accommodate 40 girls is available in the Polytechnic campus. The Principal is the Warden of the hostel and he is assisted by a Deputy Warden and residential tutors. The warden is vested with full powers in the matter of administration and general discipline of the hostel.

(i) Hostel Facilities
  • 1. Application for admission shall be made in the prescribed form which can be had at the hostel office on payment of Rs.15/-

  • 2. Admission will be made on the basis of merit of each applicant and no reason will be assigned for rejection of any application.

(ii) Fees, caution Deposit etc.,
The following fees shall be paid by each student at the time of admission into the hostel.
  • 1. Application form - Rs. 15.00

  • 2. Admission fee - Rs. 5.00

  • 3. Mess Advance - Rs. 2 ,200.00

  • 4. Caution Deposit (Furniture Deposit) - Rs. 100.00

  • 5. Room Rent (in one lumpsum per year) - Rs. 150.00

  • 6. Electricity Charges (in one Lumpsum per year) - Rs. 225.00

  • 7. Establishment Charges - per semester - Rs. 210.00

  • (Establishment Charges per year) - Rs. 420.00

The mess advance and caution deposit will be returned at the end of the academic year, less deductions if any. Recovery of the cost of material will be made from the caution deposit for any willful damage to furniture and electrical fittings.

The mess will function on dividing system. For additional establishment expenses, sum of Rs.80/- per month will be charged along with the mess bill.

Each room will be provided with furniture duly numbered. The occupants of the rooms are responsible for safe return of the furniture in good condition at the time of to leaving the hostel.

Membership in the Hostel will Cease
  • 1. If a member discontinues his/her study in the Polytechnic.

  • 2. If he/she fails to pay his/her dues within the prescribed date ever month.

  • 3. If his/her conduct is not satisfactory.